Thursday, February 11, 2016

June 2015

Throwback Thursday part 2! So, June? .......
 Announced to the world this is where the boys are off too for the first 2 years of their football - not soccer lol! - scholarship. South Lake Tahoe, simply stunning!
 Cousin James was staying at Mum's for a few weeks, so was lovely for Ben and him to catch up before they both disappear to foreign countries :)
 Just because this is one of my favourite meme's out there at the moment
 This was just - sorry Jeff - AWESOME! Our Ella was crowned Prom Queen and she really got it - this is just one photo - the ones of her receiving her crown would just bring a smile to even the most hard-hearted person
 Crafting weekend :)
End of Year 11 for Ella - although we had to explain afterwards she still had to go back the next week for another 3 years!

Thursday, February 04, 2016

May 2015

Throwback Thursday - but not too far! Catching up on the highlights during my blogging drought over the next few Throwback Thursdays!
 I became a qualified first aid instructor - and I love it :)
 Joshua's football team won the league - after their first season in it following promotion last year!
 The adorable Martha had her First Holy Communion - doesn't she look just beautiful?
 Just a lovely photograph of Jeff and Ella
 Mug shot for America!
 The other mug shot for America!
 Joe was in England for a few days so took advantage to get a photo of Mum with the boys
Started the actual fostering, not just the preparing!

Monday, February 01, 2016

Lost & Found: Valentine Blog Hop!

Decided to resurrect my blog on Saturday, saw this on Sunday and signed up!

If you click on the badge it'll take you to the list, have a browse :) It's all about love - a true story; fiction; poetry; or a special song. Must be worth a bit of blog hopping! I plan to visit everyone (might take more than one day!)

I was 16 and working at a Little Chef in my spare time while I was at college. And I met 'Him', the first boy that made my stomach turn somersaults. He was 2 years older and had that typical bad boy look and attitude. I went to a Catholic all girls school - how was I not going to fall for Him? Sadly He belonged to someone else so we remained friends. He left a few months later and life moved on. Had a few casual boyfriends, but none that made me feel like He did.

He came in to eat 6 months later and those butterflies just went into overdrive. He asked me out. I said I couldn't, I was dating someone. He said he would never ask again,

One Thursday I got a phone call from work to ask if I could go in and cover as they were short staffed. After hours clearing up I was catching up with the other girl Joanne as we tended to work opposite shifts; and we started chatting about Him. How I wished nearly every day I hadn't said no and we wondered how He was doing.

That night a car crashed into Joanne's back garden. It was packed with teens. One died. Him.

My first love. The last words he ever said to me. And dying in the garden of the person I was working with the same evening. Was just too much.

Sounds like something from that Fake or Fiction TV series? Only it's true and breaks my heart whenever I think of it.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

January 2016

Over the next few months I'll be catching up on the 7 months I went AWOL blogging,with lots of photographs and just a little journalling :)
 I struggled last year with major feelings of inadequacy and then I heard both these phrases on the same day so made my own little meme for 2016 :)
 Leonie Dawson Shining Year planner. This was quite hard, but actually it helped me really take stock of my health - and since this I've already lost 8lbs and 5" around my middle thanks to the Whole30
 Planning - incorporating the Bullet Journal system, Leonie Dawson diary, and Whole30 (to say nothing of work, Ella, fostering, shoes and 101 other things!)
In November I had the most intense pain ever. For the first time in 25 years I actually asked Jeff to take me to A&E! Thankfully it passed but left me jaundiced! Scans and blood tests confirmed it is an unhappy gallbladder. And today saw the Consultant who says it needs to come out - which was fine until I saw this cartoon and now I actually feel sorry for it LMAO! 
 Thought it was time I updated my profile pics - took Jeff too many attempts but we got a respectable one in the end - hmmm, grey hair sneaking through, I suppose was bound to happen!
 Been using the trains more recently, which makes for a much less stressful journey for my head and my foot, except when you see that train - yeah that one right there - and you realise it's leaving the station and you have a half-hour wait in the cold and dark!
 Went with Jeff, Ella and Joy to our annual trip to see the Quince Players Pantomime - as good as always :)
 Photograph from Ben - so envious!
And another one, boys with their Landlady's dog :)

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Insecure Writers Support Group

Just a little something if you've dropped by from the IWSG as my blog is having a break - I will be back once I catch up with life - and what a post that will be!!

In the meantime, please visit lots of the other, much more worthwhile, links here!

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Insecure Writers Support Group

Um, can't believe it's 2 months since I last posted and visited blogs, but can finally see light at the end of the tunnel, couple more months I reckon and then normal service will be resumed :) And then, oh my gosh, will that be a hellava catch-up post!

In the meantime, it's that time of the month when writers support each other. I hang my head in shame, I deserve no support as I haven't done anything, but, as mentioned earlier, can see me getting back into it shortly :) So wander over to more worthwhile IWSGers on this linky-link :)