Sunday, March 15, 2015

Random Acts 17 - 22

Over half way there!
Day 17 - Spotted this on a friends facebook page, so knitting a purple scarf or two - depending how far the wool goes!
Day 18 - Was buying some shoes online and got the 'would you like to donate to GOSH' - well how could I not?!
Day 19 - Another can of food in the food bank at college.
Day 20 - Donated some of my older shoes from my shoe business to the local charity/goodwill shop.
Day 21 - Today was Red Nose Day, so sent Ella to school to give to the collection :)
Day 22 - Just a little online donation as really busy this weekend with the wedding show.

Sunday, March 08, 2015

Random Acts 11 - 16

Day 11 - Had a long chat with someone very close to me and is waiting for results from hospital tests, so thought what could I do? I have sorted out a positive quote and so every morning when she opens her email there's a positive affirmation waiting for her to read :) These are just a sample.
Day 12 - Cleared out some books for the charity shop. Jeff is the Kathy Reichs fan!
Day 13 - Tin in the food bank at the college.
Day 14 - Gave away 8 tickets to a bridal wedding show.
Day 15 - Went to an age concern shop and, instead of donating 'stuff' to the charity, I bought a couple of bits from them so money straight in the bank.
Day 16 - Gave a gift voucher (to make a pair of shoes) to a raffle to raise funds for the adorable Martha's Magic Steps :) If you click here it'll tell you more about Martha :)

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

IWSG March
Yay this month I remembered and scheduled :) I'm going to be busy this month as I'm co-host - Eeek! Exciting! Let's hope I don't screw up and never be allowed to do it again LOL! I was debating what to write about, but then I thought I've subconsciously chosen - time management! When writing, or crafting in any form, we can become so obsessed with the creating. to the detriment of everything going on around - home, health, relationships. It is important to step away from the computer or pen and paper and go have a glass of water - take a walk and get some fresh air - play with the kids.
So, as regulars know, I am a bit of a quote fan, and I think this one says it succinctly :)
The IWSG does exactly what it says on the tin, click on the logo now you've read my post and it'll take you to the linky-list of everyone joining in the blog hop.

Monday, March 02, 2015

Random Acts 6-10

Day 6 - I bought this signed print as a surprise gift for my soul sister as I thought it personified us - she's the sun, I'm definitely the moon :)
 Day 7 - Dropped a tin of food into the food bank collection point at the college om my way to class.
 Day 8 - Bag of clothes sorted for the charity (goodwill) shop.
Day 9 - Went to lunch with Anna and bought the barmaid a drink :)
Day 10 - Gave a bunch of flowers to an amazing mum :)

Sunday, March 01, 2015

February Round Up and a Photo a Day

Month 2 and still succeeding :) Pretty impressive with everything else going on!
1. Ella on her return from her weekend away - I think she enjoyed it - who knows!
2. New banner I made with Vistaprint for the shoes.
3. Bought this notebook - it's A5 size - for 50p at a charity shop. I loved the outside of it - like an old book. Took out the paper to use as to do lists and plan to use the book for my bucket list :)
3. The only bit of snow we've had in this part of England so far this winter :(
4. Just because I have a bit of a thing about pens!
5. Putting this cheque in the bank on 5th was very enjoyable - apparently the tax man did an audit on my tax payments and found out I had overpaid :)
6. Jeff and I had a date night and went and saw Into the Woods - I think Jeff enjoyed it more than he thought he would!
7. Went to the Enchanted Market
8. Dad and Sandra came up on the Saturday evening and stayed over. Was just great to spend a few easy hours with them :)
9. This is my display at the local craft emporium. Such a brilliant idea to rent just a wall to sell handmade crafty bits.
12. My first prom fayre - was really busy, keeping everything crossed for follow up orders :)
11. Had to take a photograph of how long my hair's got, because I'm thinking it's due a big chop and colour - not completely sure yet though lol!
12. My poor man was so poorly and this was his face when his GP explained what tests he might have to do!
13. Ben got his SAT results. He did okay with English, but struggled with Math - takes after me! - so looks like 2 years in a junior college first, then 2 years in a uni. Not the end of the world, but it was a shame that he was only 20 points off of the minimum needed.
16. How I imagine I look when I'm meditating - lmao!
14. Valentine's card and roses from Jeff and a card from Ella. Um yeah, there's no card from me to Jeff - bad, bad wife!
15. Choosing colours to paint the room for - hopefully - foster children!
16. Went with Josh to see the Blood Brothers play - thought it was the musical, so now need to book that lol!
17. Pancake day
18. Outing for the day to London, no Ben as he was working :(
19. Joshua chilling and me planning to have a stand at the Ascot Wedding Show - eek!
20. Temporary 'new' 20 year old BMW 3 Series while the Galaxy is fixed!
21. Ella's respite place had a party for old and current 'service users' (think that's the pc term!) and it was a Chinese New Year theme - she won best fancy dress :)
22. Went to my first singalong - won't be my last! - to The Sound of Music, with Joy and Niki. Fantastic night, and apparently I can still hold a note, so at least I wasn't screeching in their ears!
23. Quick pair of hi-tops I decorated - thinking this is exactly what Ella needs for her prom :)
24. My poor baby - worried about the dentist :(
25. Continuing with trying to read more, book number 2 of the year, The Memory Keepers Daughter. Okay, yes sad, but nothing on last nights Greys Anatomy episode with Jackson and Kepner :(
26. Signed up for a 4 week free how to create an e-book course for my business - planning looks good so far!
27. Jeff and I went to see The Kingsman - loved it!! And was headhunted on Linkedin and have an interview on Monday!

28. Our beautiful God-daughter Orla's 6th birthday! And Joshua warming up for a cup game (which they lost :( )

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Random Acts 1-5

.... of Kindness Day 1 to Day 5
Day 1 - Ella giving some money to a busker near Waterloo Station.
Day 2 -Meeting with the foster social worker - because this is one act of kindness that will go long beyond 40 days :)
Day 3 - Gave Joshua the money for a taxi to physio so that he didn't have to aggravate his injury any more with 2 long walks :) (okay, so the photo isn't the actual taxi, but hey, perfect choice after our trip to Tower Bridge this week!)
Day 4 - lent Ben some money so he could help out a friend in need.
Day 5 - Putting some shoes in the shoe bin today :)

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Trip to London

As it's half term this week we decided to take a day out of a very busy week and spend a day together in London. Ben couldn't join us as he had to work so it was Jeff, Joshua, Ella and me. As always things weren't perfect. I mean, who would think that in the 21st century you could find a kiosk that doesn't take cards? And it wasn't my fault the bus route had been changed lol! It was a long day, and by the end of it I was literally crying with the pain in my foot and was up half the night with pain - really must go back to the hospital. Just a selection of photographs. The main attraction we were going for was Tower Bridge. Loved the architecture, I am a fan of buildings - but tbh, it's just a bridge LOL! The glass walkway was interesting. I'm sorry but the reason the earth is covered is so that you don't look down at an expense of falling! Everyone else loved it, just me being my usual wimpy tart that didn't appreciate it ;)