Saturday, April 19, 2014

Q is for ...

Quiet Time - no, not reminiscing to my nursery nurse days! But when planning your event factor in to the run up a day when you can just sit back and breath. Go for a coffee with friends. Sauna. Library. Anywhere that takes you away from anything to do with the day itself ....... and no talking/blogging/googling about it either! A completely event-planning-free day :)
Quotes - I love quotes with a capital L as you will know if you're a regular reader. So I took it to a different level. I asked my friends to write down what they think relates to us. Two words or a tome (was hoping for none of the latter!). Something original, or borrowed from a book or the bible. Funny or rude. You get the picture. I didn't tell them why, but I plan to cut big hearts out of card, write out their words and who wrote them, and hang them all over the venue :) Hence the reason for praying for no tomes LOL!

Friday, April 18, 2014

P is for ...

Photographer - One optional extra that I didn't want to cut corners with. I felt I had managed to make so many savings and plan (hopefully!) a fantastic event that I wanted photographs taken professionally as a permanent reminder of the weekend. We went for the Gentleman Photographer. His portfolio looks professional and he's super-approachable.
Post box - Postboxes are 'in' at the moment as somewhere to put cards at the reception. However, what we want, instead of pressies (think I mentioned before about how much 'stuff' we have accumulated after nearly 25 years) was a charity post box for Cancer Research UK. So I found a plain box in my burgeoning craft stash and decorated it myself for pennies.
Photo Booth - Had most of the bits you need from the children's parties, but if you haven't,
  • Charity shops and car boot fairs for some frames. Or ebay - got the most amazing huge frame, pick up only, for 99 pence - nobody else had bid on it because the picture was so cr*p - but we just took the picture out! Did check first it wasn't a Van Gogh! 
  • Poundshop for some props. 
  • We also bought a second hand photo printer for a tenner so peeps can print their photos straight away and display them.  
  • Tripod and remote control for my camera came to £15 - and which I can use again and again afterwards
  • Lovely backdrop from AliExpress for £15 - again can share it around afterwards or sell it.
So I've paid less than £50 for my photobooth - try and find one cheaper than that ;)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

O is for ...

Oldsmaids - Jeff's nickname for my bridesmaids/ matrons of honour/ attendants/ partners-in-crime/ Racal Rejects / and 101 other adjectives I could use to describe them, but not on my blog! LOL! I've known these 3 girls since we all worked at Racal together, 25 years ago, and we have supported each other through marriages, pregnancies, the good, the bad, and the ugly. And I love them all  :)
And this is a handmade gift I've made for all 3 of them to pop a photo of us in our celebration outfits in :)
Organisation - This one is essential. Last April, when we decided to do this mad cap celebration we found the venue, paid the deposit and sent out the Save the Date cards (will be under 'S' when we get there!). I kept my eye out for dresses for me and the oldsmaids. Just as well I started early! Finding something that 4 adult women could agree on was not easy! At one point I had them dressed in Teletubby outfits as per Alice's wedding in The Vicar of Dibley LOL! Took 6 months - I think my sigh of relief probably caused a tidal wave somewhere! Then I created a month by month plan of what needed booking, paying for, making and creating. It was so worth it as it's on me all the time, easy to refer to, update and see exactly what still needs doing - at time of writing ... A LOT!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

N is for ...

Another hard letter!

Nails - I really don't do false nails - with my hands mostly inking and sticking they tend to be pretty much abused. So I'm thinking a simple coat of nail polish. I have been recommended a set of false nails that aren't expensive and stay on quite well. But with my track record they'd be pinging off left, right and centre!

Napkin Rings - Very simple ones. Following the theme I plan to use strips of hessian and lace to tie the cutlery sets together :)

Think this is my third short post! Oh well, can't pull N's out of nothing - ooo, Nothing LOL!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

M is for ...

Music - I knew instantly what 2 songs I wanted. Jeff's song for us is Some Kind of Wonderful by The Drifters which I happily adopted for years. However as soon as I heard A Thousand Years by Christina Perri, lyrics and tune, that was it! So that's been my song for us since. There will be tears when it's played. But I have to say John Legend's new one gives me chills! And as mentioned under 'D' Joshua, who's taste in music is as wide and eclectic as mine, will be providing all the tunes :)
Mood Book / Board/ Scrapbook - Somewhere to put your thoughts, ideas, cuttings from magazines, web addresses, contacts, etc. Just a cheap one from Poundland will work. Here are mine - one's all pretty, stamped and doodled in, the one that I've had on display throughout the A-Z. And the other's the day-to-day planner with all my scribblings and notes. The plan is at the end to transfer the notes into the pretty book, as well as all the A-Z posts - which should create one awesome memento of the lead-up to the do.
Manzanite Trees - I love these. You can dress them blinging - vintage - country - or whatever theme takes you :)
Menu - We've booked a fish and chip van for the Friday night and everyone's buying their own. Saturday night is a buffet and Sunday night a cooked meal. And yes, catering for ourselves :) Don't even want to think how much it would have cost to pay caterers!

Monday, April 14, 2014

L is for ...

Laughter - Keep remembering why you're going through all this stress and keep smiling. They say 'laughter is the best medicine' and I absolutely believe that :) Plus, apparently you can hear my dirty laugh 50 yards away - I don't know what they mean! *Walks away whistling quietly*
Love - Nuff said - wouldn't be together for nearly 25 years if there wasn't an abundance of love in our home :)

Saturday, April 12, 2014

K is for ...

Kodak Moments - That's what the I-Spy lists are for - I cannot wait to see what everyone takes - although knowing our sons, maybe I can LOL! Also, with the venue situated within 7 acres of the Peak District and near Buxton and Eyam and a host of other amazing places, I imagine there's going to be photo-overload. As a scrapbooker that's always a good thing :)
Keepsake Box - Unless it's your first visit you'll know I am a crafter and a scrapbooker. Having somewhere - beautifully decorated to keep all the mementoes, photos, invites and replies, quote hearts, and other paraphernalia is so important to me :) Will add a photo once I have made it! Not top of my list at time of writing - 101 things need doing for the do itself!