Thursday, April 24, 2014

U is for ...

Struggled with this one! Ushers sprung to mind, except it's not a wedding and we're not having any! LOL! Then I thought about just how much we're reUsing, and Upcycling, so at a stretch that's my U LOL! So .... here's a list of everything that falls in that category because I've used bits from my crafting stash or Jeff's garage or from charity shops or car boots ... you get the picture! - and you will wonder what possessed me cos that's what I thought when I read it! .......

Making 12 Candy Trees - never before attempted - eek!
Decorate old jars with old bits of hessian, twine and lace
Decorate the guests welcome bags and add a tag
Purchase and glitter a champagne flute for everyone
Hand make wine charms
Type up and decorate I-Spy lists
Little pots for hand soap, washing-up liquid and pounds for the meters
Type up and 'age' the timeline cards
Plan and type up the ceremony
Make the Save the Date cards
Make the Invitations
Decorate a collection box for Cancer Research
Make small hearts on ribbons to hang on tree with names for CR
Cut out hearts, add ribbon and type quotes from the guests
Make gifts for my girlfriends
Make gifts for the oldsmaids (bought the flower girls - I know, I should be ashamed!)
Update scrapbooks
Make flower girl ring basket
Make flower girl sign
Make signs for the venue - tea shoppe - photo booth - sweetie bar
Make blackboard sign for the photobooth
Cut small sashes of hessian as napkin rings
Source and decorate manzanite trees
Source and display all the hanging decorations
Found a quiz book in a charity shop, cut out quizzes and add to welcome bags
Individual Poundland gifts for the children
List of photographs wanted from the photographer
Source cheapest roll of hessian and cut into chair sashes
Find a florist - DIY all the floral displays
Buy two sheets and create floor plans for accommodation
Engrave cutlery
Music CD compilations
Decorate the oldsmaids and my shoes
Cook and freeze chilli's and lasagna's
Photo booth - signs; frames; props; printer; tripod; backdrop; and washing line to hang printed photos
Sweetie bar - sign; sweets; glassware; decorate name card holders; bunting; tablecloth
Tea Shoppe - signs; teapots; make some cake stands; flowers in jam jars; tins for biscuits; tea caddies
As well as ....
Purchase some alcohol and make the food for the buffet Saturday night
Organise fish and chip man and list for who's paid/to pay
Organise hiring of chairs for the weekend
Clothes for Jeff - oldsmaids - flower girls - and me
Find the right venue - you have no idea how hard that was!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

T is for ...

Table Plan - Take one of the big frames bought second hand, cover it in some pretty card stock and find a nice font on the computer. Voila! Table plan for peanuts. Some of these other ideas are fab - I love the vintage suitcase one and the shelf with the names on the jugs :)
Timeline - We're having a timeline of our lives together. Making lots of notes really reminded me what a roller-coaster of a ride we've been on together! So once I'd jotted down the memories I got a stack of 4" x 6" index cards and inked them up to make the aged. I was going to stamp on them, but realised that would be a mammoth task, so found an old-style font on the computer and printed them up. Will hang them all on some twine, and display along with some of my favourite scrapbook pages and a selection of photographs over the years.
Tea Shoppe - Have been collecting old tea sets, and glass and china cake stands from charity shops and car boots. Also bought some plates and the cake stand stands (don't know what they're called!) so Jeff can make some cake stands too :)As it's a weekend do we thought it would be good to have a central area for chatting and so the Tea Shoppe, Sweetie Bar and Photo Booth will all be in the same area.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

S is for ...

Signs - Jeff is planning to make - thanks to me asking him! - some wooden painted signs for directions. Want a white-washed, distressed look, not all glossy and new. Then I can use some big stencils I've had in my stash for years to write the signs. Teamwork :) Made Orla a sign to hold and you can find the photo under F is for Flower Girls ...... or you could just look at the picture I've uploaded below :) And I need to paint another frame for the photo booth so peeps can write on a blackboard and hold up the messages - knowing some of my friends, this may be an idea I live to regret! Although, I love the one in the collage of lyrics from songs :)
Save the Date bookmarks - made of course by yours truly with the help of my crafting supplies :)
Sleeping arrangements - Oh. My. God! Next to finding a dress that the Oldmaids all liked, working out where everyone was sleeping had to be the next most frustrating thing! It keeps changing but once I've put pen to paper and drawn up the plan then that's it!! Well, when I say 'pen to paper' I actually mean paint to sheets! I have got 2 single sheets - £1.00 each at a charity shop - well, buying new and painting them made absolutely no sense! - and plan to paint a plan of upstairs and downstairs on each and then add who's sleeping where with stick men and the heads cut from photographs of, wherever possible, embarrassing photographs of the guests! This is for the ground floor, first floor still to do, once I've put it through the washing machine and tried to get rid of the red paint I spilled all over it!
Shoes - already blogged about them, but here's a photo if you're a new visitor of the footwear for my oldsmaids and me - and no, you don't need to ask, yes, I did make them myself :)
Sweetie bar - I've amassed a big selection of glass jars and containers. A couple were an extravagent new purchase, but most were charity shop and car boot finds. Local wholesalers for the sweets and I've given some name holders a vintage them by covering in small strips of an old book. Here's a few I've done in the past ...
Service - Writing the whole thing myself, and as mentioned I haven't even started and with only a week to go really think I should be making that a priority LOL!

Monday, April 21, 2014

R is for ...

Renewal Ceremony - Huge, huge, huge, thanks to Mark and Ian who are going to lead our renewal ceremony - had confirmation from the RC church that I can't even have a blessing in a church - even though we've been married for 20 years ...... unless I go through the process of an annulment to Paul! And apparently it's not something that's likely to change in the foreseeable future. Why should I? He was a huge part of my life, albeit a short one. Thank God (not the church) for friends that'll help make it happen.
Rings - When Jeff's Mum, Angela, died, she left all her children some money. Now rewind to when we got married. We were pretty broke - some things never change - actually money was beyond tight! Jeff has bought me a ring when I agreed to marry him - not an engagement ring - and it was a sterling silver ring with an opal in the middle - reduced in a sale to  ........ £3.50! So when the wedding came round we bought each other wedding rings also made out of silver :) Didn't bother us, they are only symbols. So, Jeff decided, with some of Angela's money to treat us to new rings - a permanent reminder of her :) As we had been together 10 years by then he bought me a replacement non-engagement ring, a wedding ring and an eternity ring, and himself a wedding band. I still have to original rings on my charm bracelet. So my ring will be my eternity ring. Jeff's band broke a few years ago and he's not worn it since, so he's taken that to the jewellers to be repaired :)
RSVP - handmade these and sent them out with the Save the Date notices - they're for tomorrow obs!
Ring Cushion - for a beautiful Martha to hold. Already blogged about it on April 7th under F is for Flower-Girls - but here's the photo again to save you clicking around :)
Reception - Okay, so usually it's one evening in the UK, the night of the event. I know in other countries it's different, Dad and Sandra went to a wedding in Canada which went on for about 5 days! For our wedding we had a very small wedding ceremony and a beer tent in one of Jeff's sisters back gardens! Then a big disco in the evening for the world and his dog! This time we've taken over the venue for the whole weekend. So Friday night, Saturday night, and because it's a bank holiday, Sunday night as well!
Readings - At the time of going to press, so to speak, I haven't even though about what I'm going to say - but pretty sure it's going to be along the lines of thanking him for putting up with me and my loopy outlook on life LOL

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Q is for ...

Quiet Time - no, not reminiscing to my nursery nurse days! But when planning your event factor in to the run up a day when you can just sit back and breath. Go for a coffee with friends. Sauna. Library. Anywhere that takes you away from anything to do with the day itself ....... and no talking/blogging/googling about it either! A completely event-planning-free day :)
Quotes - I love quotes with a capital L as you will know if you're a regular reader. So I took it to a different level. I asked my friends to write down what they think relates to us. Two words or a tome (was hoping for none of the latter!). Something original, or borrowed from a book or the bible. Funny or rude. You get the picture. I didn't tell them why, but I plan to cut big hearts out of card, write out their words and who wrote them, and hang them all over the venue :) Hence the reason for praying for no tomes LOL!

Friday, April 18, 2014

P is for ...

Photographer - One optional extra that I didn't want to cut corners with. I felt I had managed to make so many savings and plan (hopefully!) a fantastic event that I wanted photographs taken professionally as a permanent reminder of the weekend. We went for the Gentleman Photographer. His portfolio looks professional and he's super-approachable.
Post box - Postboxes are 'in' at the moment as somewhere to put cards at the reception. However, what we want, instead of pressies (think I mentioned before about how much 'stuff' we have accumulated after nearly 25 years) was a charity post box for Cancer Research UK. So I found a plain box in my burgeoning craft stash and decorated it myself for pennies.
Photo Booth - Had most of the bits you need from the children's parties, but if you haven't,
  • Charity shops and car boot fairs for some frames. Or ebay - got the most amazing huge frame, pick up only, for 99 pence - nobody else had bid on it because the picture was so cr*p - but we just took the picture out! Did check first it wasn't a Van Gogh! 
  • Poundshop for some props. 
  • We also bought a second hand photo printer for a tenner so peeps can print their photos straight away and display them.  
  • Tripod and remote control for my camera came to £15 - and which I can use again and again afterwards
  • Lovely backdrop from AliExpress for £15 - again can share it around afterwards or sell it.
So I've paid less than £50 for my photobooth - try and find one cheaper than that ;)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

O is for ...

Oldsmaids - Jeff's nickname for my bridesmaids/ matrons of honour/ attendants/ partners-in-crime/ Racal Rejects / and 101 other adjectives I could use to describe them, but not on my blog! LOL! I've known these 3 girls since we all worked at Racal together, 25 years ago, and we have supported each other through marriages, pregnancies, the good, the bad, and the ugly. And I love them all  :)
And this is a handmade gift I've made for all 3 of them to pop a photo of us in our celebration outfits in :)
Organisation - This one is essential. Last April, when we decided to do this mad cap celebration we found the venue, paid the deposit and sent out the Save the Date cards (will be under 'S' when we get there!). I kept my eye out for dresses for me and the oldsmaids. Just as well I started early! Finding something that 4 adult women could agree on was not easy! At one point I had them dressed in Teletubby outfits as per Alice's wedding in The Vicar of Dibley LOL! Took 6 months - I think my sigh of relief probably caused a tidal wave somewhere! Then I created a month by month plan of what needed booking, paying for, making and creating. It was so worth it as it's on me all the time, easy to refer to, update and see exactly what still needs doing - at time of writing ... A LOT!